Background – Why This Series?

The User Side

Many potential ITO and BPO buyers simply don’t have sufficient information about the different established and emerging outsourcing destinations, their individual strengths, benefits, government investment support programs, current market state, availability of talent, examples etc.

As a result, decision makers, not only in Germany have problems to select suitable destinations and hesitate to transfer IT and business processes outside their country or to invest in own service centers abroad.

The Business Side

Many people in ITO/BPO export markets did understand the market situation in Germany and other target markets and started to invest in building country brands and in increasing brand awareness, communication and contacts. ITO and BPO companies, industry associations and Government agencies have done great investments in modern infrastructure and education.

The next logical step is to increase cluster marketing and communication in strategic partner markets such as Germany and other Western-European but also global markets.

The Publisher

The series of Outsourcing Destination Guides one of the initiatives of the independent German Outsourcing Association (Deutscher Outsourcing Verband e.V.) aiming to provide independent insights, market information, business examples and contacts for professionals and organisations using or providing services in the field of ITO and BPO.

The German Outsourcing Association represents buyers from its home markets (D-A-CH countries) as well as international vendors, consultants, governmental and non-governmental organizations active in the field of ITO, BPO, KPO and SSC.


The Series of Outsourcing Destination Guides is an open platform, providing opportunities and space to present expertise, market information and insights about local ITO and BPO industries.

The guides are produced in co-operation with local partner associations, media and business organisations.

Professionals and organisations can contribute by providing neutral industry insights, publishing corporate information and presenting brand and competencies.

For more information about contribution options and conditions, please get in touch via: