Distribution Information

Cross-Media Distribution

The series of Outsourcing Destination Guides is distributed electronically via different media channels, including subscriber mailing, own social media channels, journals, newsletters, websites and partners.

Each edition has an initial output of 260.000 with the following media and regional distribution.

Distribution and geographical reach

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Geographical distribution

Due to the dedication to our home markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland, about 44% of our reach belongs to these countries. Another 18% belongs to EU countries, incl. UK, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Italy and other (without Germany, Austria Switzerland) and about 38% we reach in the US and the Rest of the World.



Each Destination Guide is distributed once to about 4.600 contacts. In addition our partners commit to distribute directly to their network and subscribers (number vary due to different local partners).

Media Partners

The Outsourcing Journal, with its Online Edition and Special Editions is the prime media partner for the series of Outsourcing Destination Guides. We have reserved prominent banner and advertising space, as well as publishing options to ensure an extended reach in addition to our subscriber and social media channels.

Social Media

Our own social media channels include the Open Outsourcing Network groups on LinkedIn and Xing with together about 2.600 members who receive information about the Outsourcing Distribution Guides directly.

Our reach within the personal network at LinkedIn and Xing is about 3.000. In addition we reach out via Twitter (OutsourcingJour) to about 1.000 followers who receive tweets about the Outsourcing Destination Guides repeatedly.

In addition we see regular re-tweets, likes and re-post of about 5.000.

Other own social media channels include Facebook, Google+ and RebelMouse.

Websites & Downloads

The Destination Guides are available for download via our and the websites of our co-operation partners. Our websites include:





Each Destination Guide enjoys an initial cross-media campaign with a targeted out put of about 260.000 professionals. This includes mailings, announcements in up to 15 different social media groups with between 2.000 and 76.000 members.

Announcements will be published and advertisements and banners will be placed at The Outsourcing Journal Online and in its Special Editions. The Outsourcing Newsletter, an information service of the German Outsourcing Association will contain announcements, links and banners too.

Why Destination Guides?

To help evaluate and find suitable destinations for ITO and BPO services

To provide insight views of the global ITO/BPO industry

To make first hand information available to a larger audience

To provide an independent information and presentation platform

To support cluster marketing in emerging and established ITO/BPO destinations

To make high quality and targeted presentation available to small and medium size vendors


The series of Outsourcing Destination Guides is published by the independent German Outsourcing Association in co-operation with local partner organizations and media.

The German Outsourcing Association represents buyers from its home markets (DACH) as well as international vendors, consultants, governmental and non-governmental organizations active in the field of ITO, BPO, KPO and SSC.