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The series of Outsourcing Destination Guides provide investors and buyers of ITO/BPO/SSC services with a compressed insight into local IT and business process services industries, economical conditions, and into specializations and profiles of leading local service organizations.

Each guide features three chapters: market analysis and overview, industry insights, and company information. 

The guides are financed via public funding or contributions from local partners and are therefore available for free download worldwide or as hard copies on selected industry events around Europe


We provide well-researched insights into local ICT sectors combined with articles and interviews with local industry experts and profiles of  companies and other local organizations. This shall help potential investors and clients to evaluate the conditions and opportunities for the establishment of service delivery centers and/or find suitable technology / process services partners.


Each guide is available free of charge and promoted via an extensive media campaign focusing on a broad reach and repetitive appearance among the target groups – buyer side, sourcing consulting and corporate investors. 

Our distribution campaigns spawn over several month and have an output of more than 2.7 million contacts active or interested in the ICT sector in Germany, Europe and globally. 

With that the Outsourcing Destination Guides are a great opportunity to inform buyers, consultants and investors about local conditions and opportunities in the ICT sector.

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About the Publisher

The series is published by the independent German Outsourcing Association, and is part of the associations international initiatives to support transparency in the market and help to better understand conditions and opportunities for co-operations with international service providers or for investments in captive delivery center operations.


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